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Honing stones

  • Honing stones
  • Honing stones
  • Honing stones
  • Honing stones
  • Honing stones
  • Honing stones
  • Honing stones
  • Honing stones
Honing stonesHoning stonesHoning stonesHoning stonesHoning stonesHoning stonesHoning stonesHoning stones

Honing stones

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Honing Head, Honing Mandrel, Honing Adapter,Single Pass Honing Tools
Honing not only can be used for precision machining of inner hole, but also for precision machining of cylindrical, flat and curved surface.
Applications of Honing
Processing material:  steel, aluminum, copper, alloy, ceramics, glass, powder metallurgy, gray iron, cast iron, stainless steel and other materials.
Processing parts: oil pump, oil nozzle, connecting rod, cylinder block, cylinder liner, fork, aerospace, automobile, motorcycle, mold, industrial sewing machine, air conditioning refrigeration, hydraulic pneumatic, oil pump nozzle, bearing, construction machinery, and etc.
Structure of part holes: through-hole, blind hole, key -slot hole, step hole and series hole.
We provide the following honing tools
Honing Head
Typical structures of honing head: small hole honing head, general honing head with medium aperture, short hole honing head,and large hole honing head.
According to Honing workpiece: through -hole honing head, blind hole honing head, half blind hole honing head,and etc.
We can supply honing head which matched with the honing machine of GERHING, NAGEL, KADIA, FUJI, NISSIN, SUNNEN and customized service.
Honing Mandrel
Honing mandrel consists of  three types according to its connection: floating connecting mandrel, semi-floating connecting mandrel and rigid connecting mandrel.
There are four types of horizontal honing mandrel according to the material and hardness of the workpiece.
General mandrel:  for honingvarious hardened steel workpiece whose hardness is generally above HRC50, ceramic workpiece and powder metallurgy workpiece.
+S mandrel:  for honing general steel workpiece (including stainless steel) whose hardness is lower than HRC35.
+J mandrel:  for honing aluminum workpiece and copper workpiece.
+Y mandrel: The mandrel with alloy guide lining is mainly used in ductile iron, gray iron, stainless steel and other workpieces, but also can be used in heat treatment steel workpiece whose hardness is above HRC35.
Single Pass Honing Tools
a) Cylindrical surface of single pass honing tools coated with a layer of high grade diamond abrasives of equal grit size,and the exposure sharp angle of the abrasive particles grind the hole wall. But general single pass honing tools are used to scrape the hole wall by the blade.
b)The mandrel and sleeve of single pass honing tools combined, which can change the position of fit, and then can change the outside diameter of single pass honing tools. Single pass honing tools can adjust the outside diameter size and indexing that can reach micron level by this way.
c)They can be ground in the micron level. The finest honing tools can remove the allowance with 1μm, which cannot be done by the conventional honing tools.
d)Single pass honing tools matched with connectors, tooling and machine can be made into ultra-high precision hole. Cylindricity:1≤μm, Roughness: Ra≤0.1, Tolerance: 1≤μm, but the conventional honing tools cannot reach the above level.
e)Single pass honing tools can machine high hardness materials with diamond grinding, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, ceramics, but the conventional honing tools cannot work it.
Our company mainly produces two kinds of single pass honing tools: electroplated and sintered, which can be used for vertical single pass honing machines such as SUNNEN, ENGIS,etc.
Honing Adapter
Honing adapters are suitable for all kinds of honing machines.
Special Models: TL8A,TL10A,TL12A,TL16A,TL20A,TAL20A
Diamond and CBN Honing Sticks.
Standard series of honing sticks: D6, K3, K4, K5, K6, K8, K10, K12, K16, K20, P28, R28, L3, L4, L5, L6, L8, L10, L12, L16, L20, Y8, Y10, Y12, Y16, Y20
Non-standard series: SK6, SK8, SK10, SK12, B8, B10, B16, B20, L8-80, L8-80, L11, L12-16, L120-150
These honing sticks are used on vertical honing machine such as NAGEL, GEHRING, KADIA, FUJI, NISSIN, and etc.
With stable quality, good surface quality, high accuracy and high honing efficiency, our honing tools can replace that international ones.

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