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Vertical honing machine

  • Vertical honing machines
  • Vertical honing machines
  • Vertical honing machines
Vertical honing machinesVertical honing machinesVertical honing machines

Vertical honing machines

  • Cylinder Diameter Range: 19-203 mm (0.750-8 in) depending on tooling option
  • Cylinder Length Range: up to 279 mm (11 in) –Longer length with special tooling
  • Spindle Power: 2.25 kW (3 Hp)
  • Spindle Speed: 90 – 350 RPM
  • Product description:
  • MVR220立式珩磨机介绍:
    MVR-220 machine tool is designed for large and medium-sized production of large parts: including various automotive engine block trial workshop processing, automotive engine refurbishment maintenance, various automotive cylinder repair and maintenance industries, large diesel engine connecting rod processing, large compressor cylinder Body processing, compressor cylinders for train air conditioning, oilfield components, porous natural gas/diesel cylinders, various cylinder liners, brake drums, large hydraulic components, and other similar applications.
    Equipped with a PLC computer to control the color operation screen for easy operation. Using Delta's
    The PLC processor displays the touch screen.
    The display shows the torque of the upper, middle and lower three different positions of each hole, from
    The consistency of the aperture can be judged.
    The stroke servo control ensures that the internal mesh is consistent, the angle of the mesh can be precisely controlled, and short strokes and short pauses can be realized at any position of the hole, and the end of the hole can also achieve high precision honing.
    The workbench is extremely simple. Regardless of the shape of the workpiece, the clamping is very convenient and reliable. When changing different workpieces, the tooling cost is extremely cheap

    Model: MVR-220
    Honing range: 19-203mm
    Workpiece weight: 680Kg (maximum load)
    Spindle power: 2.2KW
    Spindle speed: 90-350RPM stepless adjustable
    Stroke power: 0.75KW
    Stroke speed: 40-100 times / min Stepless adjustable
    Stroke length: 0-225mm
    Processing length: 470mm (maximum hole depth)
    Cooling motor: 0.75KW
    Power: 380V 50Hz 3 phase
    Machine weight: 1150Kg
    Fuel tank capacity: 208L
    Machine size: L2000*W2000*H2200mm
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