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Honing head

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Honing tool for horizontal honing machine

Shanghai Casting Machinery offers a variety of Sunnen honing stones, honing cores, wedges, and adapter replacements. 100% compatible with the original Sunnen Honing Tool. All our honing tools are compatible with your existing honing tools. Just tell us that your existing Sunnen code is good.

Honing mandrel includes

S series = steel mandrel with soft guide shoes for honing most materials.

H series = steel mandrel with hardened guide shoes for the production of honing or hard rough parts, carbide, ceramics, glass.

B Series = Bronze mandrel for very fine surface treatment and honing of profiled metals.

At the same time, we produce special honing tools. Diamond plated super mandrel, carbide insert shoe and extended shank, metal bonded superabrasive honing mandrel.

We can also provide the following special honing tools.

Honing mandrels with extended shank length

Honing mandrels for blind bores honing tools

Honing mandrels with abrasives inserts

Honing mandrels for extra-long bores

Multi stone honing tools


This single honing tools als called as one time honing tool,only for some accuary honing requirement,can have several of tool together used in process,then you will get finally diameter you want.

Diamond honing tools are divided into adjustable fixed honing knives and adjustable floating honing knives. They are an advanced tool for processing various high-precision workpieces. They have high cutting efficiency, long working life, high precision and good surface roughness. Features. According to the different diamond particle size, it can be used for rough hinge, fine hinge and fine grinding. The product is suitable for inner hole honing and cutting of refrigerator, air conditioner compressor cylinder hole, piston hole, nozzle oil pump, hydraulic valve, motorcycle, automobile engine block, gear, powder metallurgy parts, super hard parts, etc.

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