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Honing stones

  • Diamond Honing Stone
  • Diamond Honing Stone
  • Diamond Honing Stone
  • Diamond Honing Stone
Diamond Honing StoneDiamond Honing StoneDiamond Honing StoneDiamond Honing Stone

Diamond Honing Stone

  • Diamond Honing Stone
  • Product description:
Diamond Honing stone, Honing Stick and CBN Honing Head
Diamond Honing Oilstone is one kind of advanced tools which is install in honing machine to process a variety of engine block holes, cylinder liner (including thin-wall cylinder liner), connecting rod hole and other high precision hole in machinery. It is made of super-hard materials (synthetic diamond or cubic boron nitride) and metal bonding agent by mixing, pressing, sintering.
Honing Oilstone principle:
Honing is a special grinding method for workpiece surface finishing under low cutting speed. It is high efficiency processing method in fine grinding. This process not only can remove the larger machining allowance, but also an effective processing method to improve the dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy and reduce the surface roughness. It is widely used in the manufacture of automobile parts and components.
Fast cutting speed and chip-free High grinding efficiency with clean net texture, no jamming, no scratch, long lifespan
 Diamond honing oilstones, honing heads, honing sticks are used for fine grinding cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, air compressor cylinder, cylinder liner, valve hole, oil nozzle pump, refrigerator compressor, seamless tube, diesel, motorcycle, tractor engine, pump body, cylinder bore of hydraulic cylinder, cylinder liner and the inner surface of the other cylindrical through-hole. The workpiece material is cast iron. Copper, bronze, aluminum alloy and heat treated steel parts.
Honing oilstone processing characteristics
High precision machining
Good surface quality
Wide processing range
Small cutting allowance
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