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Plover reamer

Plover reamer is common honing combined with conventional reaming technology, formed a kind of new technology.

Plover hinge also called single stroke honing, is ordinary honing combined with conventional reaming technology, formed a kind of new craft, micron grade precision machining, the machining hole, blind hole hole and groove, hole keyway, steps, is the engine fuel pump, connecting rod, fork, hydraulic valve body, valve cover, air bearings, precision gears, mould guide bush, compressed air conditioning main bearing, piston, ring gauge measures, etc, have high precision inner hole machining requirements commonly used technology of the product.

Domestic, plover reamer is also called the hinge plover knife, grinding rods, diamond reamer, European and American countries known as the single stroke honing tools. Plover reamer structure appearance similar to the commonly used cemented carbide reamer, but there are several important difference: (1) the plover reamer cylindrical surface plating a layer of high grade diamond abrasive such as particle size, is made up of the abrasive grains show Angle grinding was carried out on the hole wall, and the normal reamer is the blade scraping on the hole wall. Taper sleeve (2) the plover reamer and tool holder for the small taper coordination, cooperate position change, can change the reamer diameter, plover reamer is also in this way to adjust the diameter size, adjust the degree can reach micron grade, after the plover reamer wear, can rise, and the carbide reamer don't have the function of normal. (3) the plover reamer micron grade grinding can be realized, the smallest plover reamer to go 1 micrometers allowance, and the normal reamer cannot do it. (4) the plover reamer, tooling and machine tool supporting reasonable joint, inner hole can be done ultra-high precision: cylindricity: 1 micrometers. Roundness: 1 micrometers. Roughness: Ra0.1 inside. Tolerance: 1 micrometers, and the normal reamer reach; (5) the plover reamer used diamond grinding, can be processing high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, hard alloy, ceramic, and the normal reamer can't do it;

Usually plover reamer should be used in multi-axis plover hinge machine, from the first axis at the end of the shaft, hinge plover knife diameter larger, in turn plover reamer on plating of diamond grains is from coarse to fine, so, parts inner hole after more hinge plover knife hinge plovers, aperture gradually become larger, roughness gradually become smaller, after the last the plover reamer parts can meet need to size and roughness and shape accuracy.

Plover hinge technology can reach the expected accuracy, the key is to choose science plover reamer, clamp and use appropriate plover reaming process.




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