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How does the choice of the honing machine feed mechanism affect the accuracy of the part being machined?

The honing machine uses a honing head to honing the grinding machine for the finished surface of the workpiece. Mainly used in automotive, tractor, hydraulic parts, bearings, aviation and other manufacturing industries to honing the hole of the workpiece. The honing machine is available in both vertical and horizontal positions.

The vertical honing machine has a short spindle working stroke and is suitable for honing cylinders and tank holes. The honing head with the oil stone is rotated by the vertically placed main shaft, and the vertical reciprocating feed motion is driven by the hydraulic device (see machine tool). The horizontal honing machine has a long working stroke and is suitable for honing deep holes up to 3000 mm. The horizontally arranged honing head does not rotate, but only makes axial reciprocating motion, and the workpiece is rotated by the main shaft. The center of the bed is provided with a center frame for supporting the workpiece and a guiding frame for supporting the honing rod. During the processing, the whetstone of the honing head is fed radially under the action of the expansion and contraction mechanism, and the workpiece is gradually processed to the required size.  

The honing machine feed mechanism includes a frame box, a feed shaft disposed on the frame box, a honing rod connected to the feed shaft, a stepping motor, and a stepping motor output with a reduction gear box for deceleration A spline shaft is connected to the output of the box. A rolling screw is arranged on the frame of the rack, and the spline shaft is connected with the same shaft as the rolling screw. The threaded screw is screwed to the nut, and the feed shaft is provided with a feed bearing, the nut and the feed bearing Fixed connection. The feeding mechanism has a simple structure, and the electronic hand wheel of the stepping motor is controlled by rotation, so that sub-micron feeding can be realized, and the high precision of the processed parts is ensured.



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