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Honing process and knowledge of honing tools

Honing or honing, its processing method is: spindle drive the honing tool (honing head) side, one straight line reciprocating movement up and down, the honing head oil stone (grinding) in a certain outward expansion pressure, the removal of wear debris on the surface of workpiece, the spiral overlapping curve grinding mark, it is mainly used for machining precision holes, such as engine cylinder hole, compressor cylinder hole, connecting rod, pump body and control block, etc

 As shown in figure 1 is the trajectories of oil stone of honing processing, among them, l w for workpiece length, circumference of the dw of PI for the workpiece hole, theta for grinding crack crossing Angle. Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ is sharpening stone in a reciprocating stroke way back in due course. In order not to let the grinding crack repeat, backward position Ⅲ should deviate from the starting position Ⅰ S distance. Cant use by early spring push cone bulge out oil stone honing head, as shown in figure 2. The new honing head is mainly by hydraulic bulge out, 1 for sharpening stone in figure 2 (grinding), oil stone is made of the abrasive and bond grinding tool bar, depending on the processed material, can choose corresponding of abrasive abrasive, shape, type, size, binders, hardness, microstructure and mechanical properties. Honing head usually consists of multiple oil stone block uniform, at the same time to carry on the processing on the hole.

 1. The principle of honing can finish machining

 The honing oilstone and the surface of the workpiece as two mutual, to achieve high machining quality, should make them in the reciprocating movement of the relative, oil stone on every particle trajectory is not repeated in the hole wall. Processing, oil stone and workpiece in surface contact state, at a relatively low cutting speed and pressure, grinding in a reliable way except for the small workpiece machining allowance (0.01 ~ 0.08 mm, usually according to different material, batch processing and machining request). Honing can significantly improve the size precision of the workpiece (1 ~ 2 microns holes, medium hole 10 microns, and the even smaller) and shape accuracy (small hole roundness of 0.5 mu m, 1 mu m cylindricity, medium hole roundness reach more than 3 microns or less; Hole 300 ~ 500 mm long, cylindricity under five microns, scattered processing error range is small, only 1 ~ 3 microns, the processing surface quality is high, the surface roughness value R a only about 0.4 ~ 0.04 microns, or even smaller), generally the workpiece average pressure P for sharpening stone small (about 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa), so the calorific value is small, less processing surface metamorphic layer, because the honing head and the workpiece is surface contact, at the same time, participate in cutting abrasive, so also is a kind of efficient processing method.

 2. The characteristics of the honing processing

 In addition to the machining accuracy, the shape accuracy of roundness, cylindricity, and high surface quality, because the surface has crossed lines, is conducive to the formation of oil film and maintain. As a result, the service life of the processed workpiece often than other processing method of workpiece service life is more than twice as high, particularly applicable to relative motion requires high precision matching parts processing. Honing processing to a wider range, in addition to the hole, interrupted holes, blind holes, bore more steps and cycloid, planar, spherical and tooth surface processing, can adapt to many metal material processing varieties.

 Advanced honing process and machining tools

ZHUYUN company is specialized in the production of honing head. Their products originally used only for special honing machine, developed in 2006 can be used for processing center on several categories of products, make the customer does not need special honing machine, can complete the honing process, which immediately by the automotive, aerospace, Marine and hydraulic system in many industries widely welcomed, such already can enlarge the function of machining center, and promoted the parts processing process, greatly improving the machining efficiency, also improves the machining accuracy, save the investment and operating costs.

 Abrasive abrasive and the choice of the binder is very important. The past more than general aluminum oxide, silicon carbide abrasive, adopted the DAIHON advanced enterprise mainly adopts such as diamond and cubic boron nitride abrasive, their high cutting ability, smaller than abrasion, good self-sharpening, high heat resistance, chemical stability and. If the customer provide the chart of workpiece, workpiece material and honing allowance, DAIHON technical personnel for the selection of the structure of honing head, the types of abrasive abrasive, grain size, binders, hardness, and size and related technical parameters. In regular contact, DIAHON will continue to optimize customer honing process, make the customers always maintain the advanced level in this area.

 Zhuyun company for processing center of the honing head basically has the following four series, they also represent the honing head direction of the development of a few:

With step (step) adjustable expansion mechanism, after processing center, requires the push rod or by machining center spindle through the replaceable U axis system (e.g. KOMET KOMTRONIC). The former system with mechanical structure, the latter using the U axis system, the U axis system refers to the function of lathes can be performed on machining center, which in addition to the rotation, also can realize the radial feed. So this series to achieve the main shaft of honing head rotates at the same time, oil stone can also along the radial CNC mobile, compensate for wear in time, accurate control processing size, high precision machining.

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