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Honing Machinery

Shanghai Zhuyun Machinery Co., Ltd. offers various types of honing tools, honing mandrels and honing applications. Our products range in diameter from 2.5mm to 300mm and are suitable for all honing series. A creative tool designed for high precision and cost effectiveness. Our honing tools are suitable for all types of cylinder liners, sleeves, cylinder blocks, connecting rods, gears and shafts. It can also be innovatively designed and manufactured on different types of honing machines according to customer requirements.

We can supply a complete line of diamond and CBN honing stones,Mandrels,Adapter,Wedges,Retainers。Honing is an abrasives machining process. Honing tools with abrasives particles with continuous surface contact between the tool and workpiece are used to optimize the dimension, form and surface of pre-machined workpieces. The honing process is a special grinding process, which can removal quite big amount of materials, and improved workpiece geometry accuracy and surface finish.


Honing tools for Automobile/motorcycle engine parts

Honing tools for high pressure pump parts

Honing tools for pump/compressor parts

Honing tools for hydraulic/pneumatic valve parts

Honing tools for small cylinder/con-rod

Honing tools for sewing machine parts

Honing tools for ceramic parts/various gears

Our company produces various specifications of CBN/diamond honing sticks, which are made of metal and are made of the world's best CBN/diamond materials. Excellent formula, advanced sintering technology, strong grinding force and long service life. Whether it is mild steel inner hole, quenched and tempered steel, hardened steel, titanium alloy, hard-to-grind material, or cast iron, copper, aluminum, graphite, ceramics, engineering plastics, etc., we have suitable honing bars. Excellent quality, best performance in domestic, moderate price and fast delivery.



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