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Camshaft industry success stories

The role of the camshaft is through the transmission parts (rocker, timing chain, sprocket), accurately according to a certain time to control the valve opening and closing, to ensure that the engine according to a certain law for ventilation. The camshaft bearing is subjected to periodic impact load, the contact stress between the cam and the tappet is very large, and the relative sliding speed is also high. Therefore, the wear of the cam working surface is serious. In this case, the camshaft journal and the cam working surface Should have high dimensional accuracy, small surface roughness and sufficient rigidity, high wear resistance and good lubrication, and for its better surface roughness using CBN grinding wheel can guarantee a better surface Roughness and uniform shape accuracy.

    For example: Ningbo, a car engine parts manufacturers mainly processing camshaft, the use of NTC grinder, material cold cast iron, the remaining 3mm, roundness 0.008mm, beating 0.03mm, parallelism 0.01mm, finish Ra0.4, manufacturers use our 14A1 350 * 57 * 20 * 6 * 16 + 16 Specifications Grinding wheel.

    A camshaft 4 pairs of peach-shaped cam, respectively, to the adjacent were 90 ° angle, to the septum was a straight line, the grinding wheel were 4 pairs of peach 4 times grinding, finishing frequency 65, dressing speed 650r / mm, each Dress 2 wire, 4 times feed. Manufacturers require life of 14,000, after the test is now tracking about 18,000, processed products are also qualified within the scope of customer requirements, the customer manufacturers recognized the Secretary of the wheel products.

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