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Shanghai ZHUYUN honing  is the specialist worldwide in the field of honing and superfinishing technology. Our innovative solutions have given our customers a valuable technological edge for more than half a century.

Our machines, tools and service in the field of honing and superfinishing enable the highest level of quality, productivity and process reliability on the production lines of our customers. According to the principle of simultaneous engineering we develop the ideal fine machining process parallel to the customer's product development and then deliver exactly the right solution to enable customers to reach all their targets.

In addition to the automotive industry, numerous other fields use zhuyun honing and superfinishing technology: from compressor building and mechanical engineering to the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and medical engineering. zhuyun is a competent partner wherever demanding tasks in the field of precision machining have to be economically and efficiently managed.

As a company with international operations we can offer customers service worldwide. The company employs more than 1,200 employees at seven international locations.



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